Consent is agreeing  to something with someone else. It’s how to ensure intimate experiences can be mutually enjoyable and safe for everyone. During any sexual activity, you or your partner can always change your mind at any time. Learn about consent and make active consent the basis for all your intimate activities. The law in Ireland states that consent cannot be given if you or your sexual partner are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or under the age of 17. 



Consent Is Not Just Sexy, Its Mandatory!

Consent is an ongoing, mutual and freely given agreement to take part in intimate activities. It applies to all relationships, all genders, and all orientations. Everyone needs clear consent for all intimate activities: from kissing, to touching, to oral sex, to penetrative sex, as well as for sending explicit images or sexting.  Just because something has happened before, does not mean that somebody consents to it happening again. We all need to talk about consent every time – you can’t assume someone is into what you are into.


Verbal consent is much clearer than non-verbal consent. It’s about checking in to make sure everyone is comfortable at every stage of intimacy- consent needs to be ongoing.


In USI’s view, the principles of Active* Consent are the gold standard for consent, and we’re delighted to work with the Active*Consent programme at the University of Galway who pioneered the approach in Ireland.