Safer Sex Advice from USI

Hey, Sexy… let’s get awkward

Your sex life (if you decide to have one) should be a fun, healthy part of your life as a student. Our society, biology and culture puts barriers on our sexuality. USI believes that information about sex, our sex lives and what makes us feel good (and what makes us feel bad) can free us from those barriers. And if not, we’ll have fun finding out. Sexy fun.  We believe that there are three pillars to great sexual health.  Let’s ride.


If you’re engaging in sexual activity with other people, you must both (or all) understand what consent is, how to give it and how to withdraw it. Without consent, sexual activity is sexual assault. USI believes in the principle of Active Consent.


Wear a mask.  Wear safety goggles.  Wear kneepads and a high-viz jacket if you must, but if you engage in sexual activity involving the possible contact with each other’s bodily fluids, wear some sort of barrier prophylaxis. Working with the HSE, USI has got you covered.


If you know all about what you like in sex, what your partner(s) like, and how to seek healthy safe enjoyment through your sex life, you are well on your way to a great sexual existence. USI wants you to learn all you can and spread the knowledge far and wide.