Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) is the national representative body for Rape Crisis Centres in Ireland. These centres provide free advice, counselling and support for survivors of all forms of sexual abuse in Ireland.

The RCNI is a national information and resource centre on sexual abuse, sexual assault and sexual harassmentwww.rcni.ie. It works towards a society free from abuse and a society that understands the impact of rape and sexual abuse.

Rape Crisis Centres can give you the care, support and information you need to get you through this.

Counselling & support

  • A counsellor helps you understand how you are affected, what choices you have and how to learn to be free of the experience of sexual violence.

Forensic care

  • If you are thinking of reporting the crime now or later, it is helpful to get a forensic examination at a specialist unit (SATU). A rape crisis counsellor or the police can explain this to you.

Medical care

  • Even if you are not reporting and not attending for forensic attention, you may require medical attention, for example morning after pill and testing for STIs. A rape crisis centre will help you find a doctor if you don’t want to go to your own GP.

Gardaí and courts

  • A Rape Crisis Centre person can accompany you to the Gardaí.

How would you help a friend who talked to you about rape?

As a friend you might be the first person a young person talks to about a sexual assault. Having someone to trust and confide in can be very important.

What is the right thing to do? Where do you find the information you need to support your friend? Where can you get support for yourself?

A new App puts many of these answers, and others, directly into the palm of your hand.

What kind of information is immediately available to you and always up to date:

  • How can I help if someone tells me about an assault?
  • Who are the professionals and services that are out there to lend support?
  • How can I or my friend contact them?
  • What is the law?
  • What happens if someone goes to the Gardaí?
  • Is there specialist medical care nearby?
  • How can you help make it safer for everyone?
Main Helpline Numbers:
Sexual Violence Helpline (men and women): 1800 77 88 88
National Domestic Violence Helpline (for Women): 1800 341 900
Amen (for men experiencing domestic violence): 046 902 3718
Elder abuse Helpline: 1850 24 1850