10. Reasons to get an STI check

Bert Lance


1. It’s Quick.
It really doesn’t take much time and it is so worth having that piece of mind. Getting an STI test is as normal as going to the dentist for a check up.

2. It’s Painless!
There are loads of false rumours out there about STI tests but the reality is they are painless, quick and easy. Don’t believe what you hear, instead have a read here to learn what it is really like to have an STI test.
What to expect at an STI clinic

3. It’s usually free.
There are a number of STI clinics all over Ireland, many of which are free! You’re sure to find one that suits you.
Check out the list of clinics here

4. Treatment is easy!
If you do test positive for an STI, treatment is quick and easy. Most STI’s will clear up very quickly and are treated with a simple course of antibiotics.

5. You are saving future you from further complications.
When treated in time most STI’s cause no long term harm.
However, if left untreated, they can cause infertility and even damage your internal organs. It is very important to catch them in time and look after your health for the future.

6. You won’t pass anything on!
It’s a great way to know that you are safe and that your partner is safe too.

7. If you are sexually active.
Everyone who is sexually active (even if you’ve only ever had one partner and always use protection) should be screened at some point. We recommend an HIV gonorrhea and chlamydia test for anyone that is sexually active.

8. If you have a new partner.
If you’ve had or want to start having sex—vaginal, anal, or oral—with a new partner, it’s a good idea to get tested. This will give you both piece of mind and it a good way to build trust in a relationship.

9.If you have symptoms.
If you are showing any symptoms it is vital that you go for a test. Remember that there is nothing to worry about and tests are quick, painless and easy.

Symptoms of STIs include:

  • Pain when urinating or ejaculating
  • Discharge from penis or vagina
  • Pain during sex
  • Blisters or sores on genitals
  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Bleeding during or after sex

10. Because you are an adult now and your body is your responsibility.
It’s all on you now and taking responsibility for your health is up to you.

You don’t want to be looking back on this in a few years time, wishing you had done more to look after yourself. Getting tested is a normal part of life and you should be getting tested every 6-12 months.

Remember that the habits you build now will last you a lifetime so make sure that your behaviors now towards sexual health and getting tested will benefit you later in life.